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For children and young people
with disabilities and special needs,
and their parents and carers.


A site from the NSPCC that aims to help young people understand what abuse is, why it is unacceptable and how important it is to share problems.
A site produced by the Department of Health that aims to encourage understanding and discussion of mental health problems among 14 to 21 year olds. Has useful links to other sites.
A site for teenagers and young people in the UK who have an impairment or disability and are wondering what opportunities and services there should be when they leave school. Very accessible and easy to read site that provides lots of useful information.
This site is for teenagers with epilepsy and has lots of information about those difficult to ask questions.

Created by a young dyslexic boy and designed to help dyslexic children and their teachers. Has a good selection of spelling tips.
This site deals with all kinds of health matters from spots to puberty and contraception and mentions topics that adults may find hard to talk about, it can be a little too explicit for some parents!
A site by Miriam Stoppard aimed at educating young people about drugs. It is very informative but a bit wordy and not easy to read.
Trans-active is a project in which teenagers with and without severe learning disabilities work together. They use multimedia to explore and communicate choices they will have when they leave school. The project is about using and giving support, making plans, making friends and having fun. This site can be a bit annoying because each part has to be downloaded, but it is worth the wait.
A government website to give young people aged 14-16 information and advice on healthy living and playing including alcohol, drugs, emotional health, healthy eating, physical activity, safety, sexual health and smoking.




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