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For children and young people
with disabilities and special needs,
and their parents and carers.

Living Independently

In August 2001, I moved into Leonard Cheshire - Living Options in Bracklesham Bay and I was excited about it. I thought the place was lovely and very clean. The past residents were very welcoming too.
My parents did everything for me before I lived at Fennes (Living Options house), such as getting my lunch and doing my washing for me, but at Fennes I have to think for myself, make decisions about important things, be independent and do things for myself.
It is very good and fun living at Fennes but I also find it mentally quite hard sometimes.
The accommodation is very good although I rate it 7/10 because some of the rooms are to small and I can’t put my stuff away because there is not enough storage space. I like the whole setup now more than 3 years ago.
I enjoy Living Options because I have made some good friends with past and present residents. I have enjoyed going out with the residents, staff and volunteers and we have been out on some fun house trips for example to Marwell Zoo.
Leonard Cheshire has increased my independence and is helping me become ready to move out. I heard in July last year that I will have the opportunity to move out into my own home. I was very shocked and surprised when Marcus (my manager) told me about this and I think this is a brilliant opportunity.
The Guildford Borough Council (Housing Section) and Treanings (the building company) are involved in making my move possible but they reckon it will be about a year before I can move in. It is a 2 bedroom bungalow designed for a wheelchair user. It is in a rural location 5 miles from the village.
I have had a care package agreed, but I’m not sure how it will work out. I will get some support from my Social Services but I would also like to get some support from Leonard Cheshire.
I have some concerns about living on my own such as making friends within the community, finding the right people to care for me and finding transport where I will be living. I think that I will find it challenging to settle in and take control of my own home though I am looking forward to having friends to stay over and not having to worry about whoever booked the transport first.

Katherine Paton




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